“Luda is an excellent piano teacher. She has been teaching piano to my two daughters for over four years. She is very experienced, nurturing, and finds ways to support both of their strengths. She also motivates them, while also making lessons fun and enjoyable. We are thrilled to have found such a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her.” — Julia Love

“My son Anthony has been learning Piano with Luda since Kindergarten and has now been playing for almost 6 years.

Luda is a very patient teacher and wonderful person at heart. She has marvelous piano skills herself and definitely knows how to instill that passion into her students. Luda is not only teaching the skills, but also inspiring students to think and feel the music and to learn and understand music theory.

My son is very active and energetic, sometimes losing focus during class. Luda is exceedingly patient with him and encourages him to get his attention back to the instrument and the class. She customizes the music and lessons to his skill level and preference while at the same time providing challenges to keep the learning process going. Luda makes sure to expose her students to stage experience through semi-annual concerts. Anthony has successfully participated in NYSSMA 3 times and will continue to play and compete in the future.

I highly recommend Luda to all the families who are looking for a piano teacher.” — Sophia Richter

“Luda was my daughter’s first voice teacher and then coached her in piano for a number of years. My daughter, Samantha Britt is the only one of Luda’s students who became a professional musician. Samantha lives in Berlin, Germany where she regularly performs. Luda is an excellent teacher. She is technically highly educated and has the ability to teach students who are both beginners and advanced. Luda is highly sensitive to each of her students’ needs and strengths. She customizes each lesson and is entirely focused on her students learning a great deal in each lesson. I highly recommend Luda as an amazingly talented piano teacher!” — Barbara Grenell, Ph.D.

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